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Bicycle Service

  • All tune-ups and Repairs are done
  • At your home or place of work
  • Best tune your bike will ever get
  • Any Bike. Anywhere

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Bikemobile is Your Bicycle Shop on Wheels!

You never have to take your bike to a shop again. We bring the shop to you.

You are welcome to watch and ask questions, and are encouraged to take your bike for a test ride at the end, to make sure it runs better than ever.

Bikemobile carries a full line of quality accessories.

Your bike will be tuned up and fitted with some new accessories, and you don't have to do a thing.

Bikemobile will do it for you.

We Fix Your Bike Even If You Aren't Home

I often work on bikes with no-one home. If I can get access to the bikes in your backyard or garage you can pay me later by e-transfer, after you get home, and go for a test ride, with a smile.

To book an appointment please email your request to

Unfortunately I have been unable to answer all of my emails, or texts and am not responding to any voicemails. I have had an undprecedented amount of business this crazy season.

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The Competition

If your bicycle is worth $4,000+ then Velofix is your choice. All other bikes belong with the more affordable and experienced Bikemobile.

Bikemobile Services

Family Focused

Bikemobile is the most convenient and affordable way to have all of your bikes serviced by a professional.

Bikemobile Services

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