The Birth of Bikemobile

Life Continues to be an intesting Journey

About Bikemobile

Forty-two years ago when I was nineteen years old, I was hoping to open a small bike repair shop in my mom's garage in Bell's Corners. Unfortunately the local bylaws were even more against that idea at the time than they are now, so I decided that if my customers can't come to me, I will go to them. And I have been doing that ever since.

I am now trying hard to change our city. We have one major flaw. The Ottawa Greenbelt is the worst greenbelt in the entire world. I intend to change that. Go to to discover my exciting solution to this city planning disaster.

Peter Westaway



I drove a taxi in Nepean for many years while trying to build this bike business in the spring. I am finally very busy every spring and am feeling better than ever and ready to achieve all of my big dreams. Check out my video below. I intend to change the world.




Ken Upiah



32 years old and from the beautiful African island of Mauritius, Ken is a mechanical engineer obsessed with fast cars. He is quickly becoming obsessed with helping me grow Bikemobile into a much bigger business.




Maria Elton



Maria is the youngest and least experienced assistant I have ever worked with. But she may have the greatest aptitude towards the job I have seen. I look forward to teaching her some bike, business and a few life skills, before she goes on to whatever amazing career is awaiting her.




Isaiah Elton



Isaiah is Maria's big brother and is much more intense in the learning process. Maria pumps her fist in joy when I give her praise for her efforts. Isaiah just sighs in relief that he hasn't let me down again. He will learn slower than his sister, but better in the long run, maybe. More like myself. I am glad their father introduced us.




My Local Activism Video