frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried to address some common questions below. I do like giving advice, and if you do have any specific questions for me, send me an email to bikeman@bikemobile.ca and I will do what I can to help you.

It depends on many factors. Bikes purchased at Canadian Tire or any other retailer that isn't a reputable bicycle store, need a tune-up as soon as possible since it wasn't put together properly. If you commute to work and put many hard miles on your bike it needs a tune-up at least once a year along with some ongoing maintenance. If you only use your bike a dozen times a year on nice days, you can go several years between tune-ups, assuming it has been properly tuned in the first place.
The single most important basic maintenance procedure is pumping the tires up to the full recommended pressure. It is always written on the side of the tire. It is obvious, but well over half of all bikes on the road now have less than the proper pressure. It doesn't hurt the bike much unless it is completely flat, but it sure makes it harder to pedal. The next task is to make sure the chain is clean and lubed.
I charge a minimum $70 for an initial service visit, though it may be less if I can fit you into my schedule, or a regular customer. The $70 charge is a minimum, and never added to the tune-up or hourly rate charges.
I cover Kanata to Orleans, and Barrhaven/Riverside South is the region I am in most. I will go to Manotick, Carp and beyond as well, if it is worth it for me and not just one minor tune-up. Contact me and I will let you know.
I aim to earn about $100 an hour by way of the hourly rate, or the tune-up rate. More than one bike gets a discount. Check the rates posted on the Service page. And II am always flexible and fair.
If I have tuned your bike in the past I will always try to come help you with small repairs. If you are a new customer however I will rarely come by for a small repair unless you are requesting a tune-up as well.
Yes of course. If you have any problems with your bike after I leave, I will return as soon as I am able.