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Tune-up and Hourly Options

Bikemobile Services

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Bikemobile always promises you that your bike will get the best tune-up that it has ever had.

Several bikes with several issues may be better served by the hourly option. But if I have yet to set your bike up properly I strongly suggest you let me give it a thorough tune-up and then the future tunes are usually less expensive .

Bikemobile Tune-up $80

-complete adjustment of the gear and brake systems
-clean and lubricate the chain, and inflate the tires to the proper level
-check the chain, brake pads, tires, cables etc. for wear, and replace if needed
-adjust bottom bracket, headset, and wheel cones
-check and tighten all assemblies, and bolts
-minor wheel truing (straightening)
-quick wipe-down of the frame
-at the end of the tune-up; adjustment of the saddle and handlebars to the rider if desired
-test ride by the mechanic
-test ride by the customer if desired


Multiple Tune-up Discount

2 Tune-Ups $150

3 Tune-Ups $210

4 or more Tune-Ups $65 each

Electric Bikes

I love electric bikes. They are already very popular and I believe they will outnumber regular bikes within ten years. The prices for tuning them up are the same as the above charges for normal bikes since they are essentially the same. Except I cannot work on any of the actual electric parts as I am a mechanical guy and not electrical, and there are just too many different components that I don't have access to.

Complete Overhaul $260

If you have a good quality bike that has many kilometers on it, you may want to spoil it with a complete break down and rebuild. I scrub it all clean and replace the grease and ball bearings. I then give it a thorough tune-up.

New Bike Build $110

If you have purchased a bike online I suggest you have a professional assemble it for you. This is the normal rate for most bikes. Some, such as adult trikes are much more work so the price will be adjusted.

If you remove all the packaging I will charge only $100, as there is a lot of packaging involved. I don't recommend you do it yourself as there are a few important things you won't know about. I am willing to tune it up properly after you assemble it yourself but it would be best if you just leave it to me.

E-Bike Build $130

E-Bikes are gaining in popularity and are often bought online. I do suggest you let a professional build it. If you remove all the excessive packaging I will only charge you $110 to build it and tune it and get it ready to go.

Velofix is currently charging $250 for this exact same service, which is outrageous, since it isn't much more complicated than a standard simple bicycle, just more powerful.

Hourly Options

1 Mechanic $100 per hour - 2 Mechanics $150 per hour

The 2 Mechanic rate only applies when I have an assistant with me

All bikes should have a tune-up once in a while, dependent on the level of use, but if you have a few problems with a few bikes the hourly option may be your best choice.Though if I have yet to set your bike up properly I strongly suggest a full tune up.

Corporate or Community Events

All tune-ups $65 each or by the above hourly rates

Contact Bikemobile to schedule a visit to come to your place of business or community group for four hours or the whole day, and tune-up and repair all of your bikes.

Minimum Service Charge $60

There is a minimum $60 labour charge for most service visits. My repeat customers have a $40 minimum. This minimum fee is never added to the tune-up or hourly rate, only a minimum. Out of town rates are negoitable.