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Spring is Finally Here!


Time to Get on Your Bike and Ride




And You Will Love the Job I do on Your Bike!!


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Action Jackson


The Make-A-Wish Foundation gave this amazing bike to Jackson, and it is great fun for both of us to ride.

You Will Like My Stories


Read my Romantic Adventure Novel, "A Way West" or my Cool Short Story, "My Name Is"

All Shapes and Sizes


Bikemobile is the most sensible way to have all your bikes serviced

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Open Your Eyes and Help Me Improve Ottawa


The Ottawa Greenbelt was a very flawed short sighted vision. I believe in it's current form it is doing much more harm to our local environment, than any perceived good. I believe the large farms should not be in our city, but out in the countryside, where they belong. They now continue to create such unbelievable and wasteful urban sprawl.


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