Bikemobile Services

Tune-up and Hourly Options

Bikemobile always promises you that your bike will get the best tune-up that it has ever had.

Several bikes with several issues may be better served by the hourly option.

Bikemobile Tune-Up- $70

-complete adjustment of the gear and brake systems
-clean and lubricate the chain, and inflate the tires to the proper level
-check the chain, brake pads, tires, cables etc. for wear, and replace if needed
-adjust bottom bracket, headset, and wheel cones
-check and tighten all assemblies, and bolts
-minor wheel truing (straightening)
-quick wipe-down of the frame
-at the end of the tune-up; adjustment of the saddle and handlebars to the rider if desired
-test ride by the mechanic
-test ride by the customer if desired


Multiple Tune-Up Discount

2 Tune-Ups $130

3 Tune-Ups $180

4 or more Tune-Ups $55 each

Complete Overhaul- $220

If you have a good quality bike that has many kilometers on it, you may want to spoil it with a complete break down and rebuild. I scrub it all clean and replace the grease and ball bearings. I then give it a thorough tune-up.

Hourly Options

1 Mechanic $80 per hour - 2 Mechanics $120 per hour

The 2 Mechanic rate only applies when I have an assistant with me

All bikes should have a tune-up once in a while, dependent on the level of use, but if you have a few problems with a few bikes the hourly option may be your best choice.

Corporate and Group Events

All tune-ups $55 each or by the above hourly rates

Contact Bikemobile to schedule a visit to come to your place of business or community group for a few hours or the whole day, and tune-up and repair all of your bikes.

Minimum Service Charge- $60

There is a minimum $60 labour charge for most service visits. My repeat customers have a $30 minimum. This minimum fee is never added to the tune-up or hourly rate, only a minimum. Out of town rates are negoitable.

Flat Tire Repair- $60 plus a $5 tube

If you don't want or need a tune up but your tire has gone flat, I will come by and replace the tube ($5) and tire if neccessary (most are $20) and make a couple quick other adjustments.