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Spring is Finally Here!


Time to Get on Your Bike and Ride




And You Will Love the Job I do on Your Bike!!


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Action Jackson


The Make-A-Wish Foundation gave this amazing bike to Jackson, and it is great fun for both of us to ride.

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All Shapes and Sizes


Bikemobile is the most sensible way to have all your bikes serviced

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"the bicycle shop on wheels"
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The Birth of the Mobile Bike Shop

Bikemobile was originally started many years ago. The original concept has remained the same. Every spring the local bike shops are more concerned with selling expensive new bicycles. Repairing bikes, especially ones they didn't sell, are not a big priority to them. Therefore they often keep the customer's bike up to a few weeks before they are repaired. Why should someone go for so long without their bike? Most bike repairs can be done without a great deal of equipment. Therefore it makes tremendoous sense to just have the bike tuned up or repaired at the customer's home. That way the customer does not have to do without the bike for any time. As well it saves them the trouble of transporting the bike to and from the shop. And as an added bonus the customer can watch the repair being done and ask any questions they may have.


Bikemobile is the Most Convenient and Economical Way

Customers with a full garage full of bikes that all need attention, will never find a better way to have them looked at, than with Bikemobile. The more bikes you have, the better deal you will get. And instead of taking all of the bikes to leave at a shop, the shop comes right to your garage. The obvious convenience could not be greater.



At you will find a large selection of bike parts and accessories. Bikemobile will be happy to deliver and install them for you

The Bikeman

personel bio picPeter Westaway, Owner Operator of Bikemobile; I have over thirty years experience as a bicycle mechanic. I am an avid road cyclist, as well as a long time mountain biker.

BIKEMOBILE Is The Obvious Choice!
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