The Birth of Bikemobile

Life Continues to be an intesting Journey

Thirty-nine years ago when I was nineteen years old, I wanted to open a small bike repair shop in my mom's garage in Bell's Corners. Unfortunately the local bylaws were even more against that idea at the time than they are now, so I decided that if my customers can't come to me, I will go to them. And I have been doing that ever since.

Peter Westaway



I drove a taxi in Nepean for many years while trying to build this bike business in the spring. I am finally very busy every spring and am feeling better than ever and ready to achieve all of my big dreams.




Ellie "bikegirl"



My new office manager/bike mechanic is the brains behind the operation. We needed some. She hopes to be a doctor someday, but she is already being sucked into my magical bikeworld, and she can never leave...




Stanley Lin



He spent the first half of his life in Taiwan, but Canada has him now. He is studying at U of O to be an Electrical Engineer to pursue his passion for drones. Bikes are his other big passion of course. I am looking forward to seeing some bike fixing drone shots this summer!




Ken Upiah



28 years old and from the island nation of Mauritius, Ken is a mechanical engineer obsessed with fast cars. He is quickly becoming obsessed with helping me grow Bikemobile into a much bigger business.




My Local Activism Video