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Spring Tune Up Time!


Only Bikemobile can give your bike the best and most convenient tune up in the city.

Full tune ups done at your home for only $60

Sister Jacqueline


This lady is now my very favourite customer of all time. She has spent the last Forty Three Years doing Missionary Work in Africa. Her addition to my Testimonial Page will remain at the Top forever!



And YOU will love the job I do on your BIKE!

All Shapes and Sizes


Bikemobile is the most sensible way to have all your bikes serviced

Biking is a RUSH!


You don't have to be in a Race to FEEL the Adrenaline!

Just Go Biking!


Make the the Most of Life and go Biking with Your FAMILY!

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"the bicycle shop on wheels"
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Bikemobile is The Obvious Choice!

Compare the difference between using Bikemobile for your bicycle service needs over a traditional bike shop for yourself

-does all the work at your place where your bike never has to leave your sight

-you are able to discuss your concerns with a professional mechanic while the work is being done

-you are encouraged to test ride the bike, ensuring the job is done properly before you pay

-you see for yourself that the mechanic does a thorough job and never cuts corners


local bike shop

-you have to transport your bike and leave it there for days, or even weeks

-the work is done out of your sight so you have no idea what is actually being done

-often you will finally get the bike home to find out that your original problem still persists


Phone today to book an appointment with Bikemobile



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