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And You Will Love the Job I do on Your Bike!!


I will give your bike the best tune-up it has ever had for only $60!

Action Jackson


The Make-A-Wish Foundation gave this amazing bike to Jackson, and it is great fun for both of us to ride.

I am Now a Published Author!


I spent the cold winter months writing. Check out my full length novel, "A Way West" or my cool short story, "My Name Is."

All Shapes and Sizes


Bikemobile is the most sensible way to have all your bikes serviced

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Service Details and Rates

Minimum Service Charge per Visit- usually $30.00, but varies depending on where you live, and how we can fit you into our schedule.

Hourly Service Fee Option

$60 per hour

This is often your best option if you have a garage full of bikes, with various issues to be fixed. This way you can set your budget, and I will accomplish as much as we can in that time frame. The following tune-up prices are based with these rates in mind. The tune-up prices are seperate, and are never on top of the hourly rate.


New Bicycle Assembly From a Box

usually $70.00 unless it is in more seperate pieces than usual

If you have purchased a bike online, or from a store, and it is in it's box, we will be happy to build it for you, and fit it to you, to your personal satisfaction.


Bike Lock Cutting

Only $10 with a repair appointment or $30 for only the lock cut



If your bike has had a full professional tune up within the last two years, and one thousand kilometers, and is kept clean, then a minor tune-up is probably sufficient to put it in good order, otherwise a full tune-up is strongly recommended.

Minor Tune-Up; $50.00 plus parts

We check the chain, brake pads, tires, cables etc. for wear, and replace if necessary
-adjust bottom bracket, headset, and wheel cones
-checking and tightening all assemblies, and bolts
-complete adjustment of the gear and brake systems
-lubricate the chain, and inflate tires to the proper level
-at the end of tune-up, adjustment of the saddle and handlebars to the rider if desired
-test ride by the mechanic
-test ride by the customer if desired

Full Tune-Up; $70.00 plus parts

Everything in a Minor Tune-up as well as the following;
-thorough cleaning of the whole bike, including the drive train
-minor rust removal if feasible
-minor truing (straightening) of the wheels

Complete Overhaul; $150 plus parts

This treatment is recommended once every several thousand kilometers, or several years
-the bike is completely disassembled, including the bottom bracket, headset, and wheel cones, to access the ball bearings
-the bearings are replaced, and fresh grease is applied
-all the components are thoroughly cleaned, and lubricated
-after reassembly of the bike, everything in a full tune-up is then done on the bike


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